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I was the girl that always had a camera in my hand, always. Photography has always been my passion but I also love sunsets, warm weather, and seafood. I have my Bachelors degree in Community Health, Professional Studies and also work as a Respiratory Therapist. My husband and I have two amazing boys. They keep us busy and I can’t remember what life was like without them! Needless to say, because of them, newborn photography is my specialty. It reminds me of how it all started and how deep love can really be. They will never be so pure, innocent, and devoted to you; they will never be how they are now, ever again. This is where it begins, their life, forever.

It was my view behind the lens that enlightened my perspective on life. Being able to document and capture these moments, so they would forever be alive, was such an important experience. As a child, teenager, and young adult, I always wanted to remember my moments and I’m so grateful now for the memories that I will forever have…negatives and all!

When I became a mother, my passion for photography took on a role of its own. The love that a mother instantly has for her child is just so unbelievable and words can’t bring justice to the emotions of a mother’s love. Upon the birth of my first son, I realized how fast the precious moments slipped past me and the necessity to document his every move was such a priority. As my boys grow continuously, it’s their pictures that I turn to, and with holding these images, my mind is instantly flooded with all of the bonding, the precious baby smells, the funny noises and the sweet baby faces.

These moments are so fleeting, but they are so valuable. I understand this and I know how to capture the beauty of it all so that these beginning moments can forever come alive in your heart!

I am beyond thrilled to be your photographer and I am completely devoted to reminding you of this newborn baby, exactly as they are now, for all the years of your life.

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